Kettering: Bump Weekend

Bump Weekend is almost here! Our kids at Apex Kettering will 'BUMP' to the next grade. Below are details on specific major transitions.

ELEMENTARY School (grades 1tst-5th)

Students going into the 1st grade will move into Kidlife Ministry  in the Apex Kettering Theater.

Middle School (6th-8th)

Those who have just completed 5th grade will move from Kidlife into Middle School. Middle School meets only at the 9am gathering on Sundays. Students meet in the check-in area with their leaders and move into the balcony to sit together for worship time and then transition to room 265 for study and small group.

High School (grades 9th-12th)

Those who have just completed 8th grade move out of Middle School and will begin attending gathering in with their parents and High School Ministry.  High School Ministry meets on Sunday evenings at 6pm in the Apex Kettering.


If you have any questions, please email