Holy Week


For Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday we will be answering the question "Why?" Why was Jesus a king? Why do we put so much emphasis on the cross? Why do we believe a man came out of the grave? 

Palm Sunday Gatherings

Kettering Gatherings

Join us on Sunday, March 25 for Palm Sunday. We will kick off Holy Week by answering the question, "why was Jesus a king?" Come worship with us at one of our two gathering times. Family Ministry will be available at both gatherings.

Gathering Times: 9:00am & 11:00am

Xenia Gathering

We will be celebrating Palm Sunday by finishing our Colossians series. The sermon theme will be "Prayer and Mission." Jesus fulfilled his mission on earth by dying on the cross, rising again, and now sitting at the right hand of the Father. He calls us to join in that mission.

Gathering Time: 10:00am

Good Friday Gathering

"Why do we put so much emphasis on the cross?” “Why do we call it 'good'?” These are the questions we will answer on Good Friday. Join us as both Apex Kettering and Xenia worship through, preaching, singing, and communion.

Gathering Time: 6:30pm
Children's Ministry: Infant to 3 years old

Easter Sunday Gatherings

Join us Sunday, April 1 for one of our four Easter gatherings. We will answer why we actually believe that a man came back from the dead and changed the world. This is a perfect time to invite friends and family who struggle to believe.

Kettering Gatherings

Gathering Times: 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am
Infant to Kindergarten will be open at all three gatherings

Xenia Gathering

Gathering Times: 10:00am
Infant to 3 years old only during gathering