Equipping Community 


What is the Equipping Community?

In 2014, Our Elders and Staff had a growing sensitivity to equip our house church leaders with greater intentionality. Our elders commissioned a small discovery team to learn from others and glean what would be best for Apex. What we discovered is an expression of God's family just for leaders to be encouraged, equipped and empowered. This expression of God's family is called our Equipping Community. The Equipping Community is a relational space for our house church leaders to gather as family to learn from one another in how we live as kingdom family on mission. There two vital components: Immersions and Coaching Huddles.

At Immersions, the Equipping Community meets for one weekend every six-months to discover proven Jesus' way of making and multiplying disciples, communities, and leaders in order to launch kingdom movement:

Immersion 1: Making and Multiplying Disciples - October 27-29, 2017
Immersion 2: Maturing Missional House Churches - April 21-22, 2018
Immersion 3: Multiplying Missional Leaders - Fall 2018
Immersion 4: Launching Missional Discipleship Movements - Spring 2019

To bring diverse perspectives and seed multiplication, we encourage that each house church bring at least a 3-person team to the immersions including shepherds, spouses and others in training. We value that each house church has its own unique features and diverse needs, so we don't tell you exactly what to do. Seeking the Spirit and listening to input from others, we will each prayerfully consider what God has for us in the next 6-months.  We will share what we believe God is planning for our house churches and celebrate as we are commissioned back home. But we know that we have a tendency to get excited only to quickly forget what God taught us when we return.

In Coaching Huddles, we gather weekly online as smaller groups of leaders to reflect, encourage, and seek the Spirit as we live out the reality and freedom of the gospel. We provide additional training and support to you and help you keep gospel-perspective while you train others and live into your 6-moht plans.

To learn about the Equipping Community and how it helps us strategically accomplish our mission and vision check out our video from the Leadership Summit and start around 29:30.

Immersion One Resources

We are continually developing new resources for you to discover for use in your House Church or ministry. The player below has audio training sessions from our October 27-29, 2017 Equipping Community Immersion, Making and Multiplying Disciples.


If you are a shepherd and you would like access to these resources, please email growing@apexcommunity.org.