Apex Design Internship Details

We here at Apex are firm believers in discipleship and want to help you grow in both your personal and professional areas of life. We don't want you to think you'll be running to get coffee the whole time - in fact, we'll actually provide the coffee. Below are just a few things to consider before applying. Please read through the information below to understand what the internship entails. 

What The Internship Looks Like - Your work will have a substantial design component. You will be supervised by Apex's Graphic Designer and/or Communications Director. You'll learn Apex's process for design from start to finish. Beginning with internal communication requests from various ministries to the final design presented throughout the Apex Network. 

What You'll Be Doing Specifically - Branding a sermon series, creating social media announcements, updating our website, creating logos for various ministries, printing posters, invitations, handouts, and t-shirts.

Time Requirements - We understand your time is important. Because of this, we can work with you on when you would need to come into the office. Our minimum requirement is that students work 50 hours. It is rare that a student interns for such a short period of time. However, if you take the course for credit, every 50 work hours is eligible for one credit hour.

Getting Paid - We want to be as upfront and honest as possible. This internship is most likely not paid. We understand for some being paid is vital and we would ask you to pray and consider whether applying is right for you.

Working Around The Office - We are a church and also faith based non-profit organization. There may be times when people may ask you to pray, read scripture, or even attend Staff Chapel. This not a requirement, but more so, giving some insight as to what it looks like to work around the offices with us here at Apex.

We hope that that covers everything. If you have more questions before you apply, please don't hesitate to ask. Email graphicdesign@apexcommunity.org.

Thank you for considering Apex. We look forward to hearing from you!