There are many ways to get connected to people and ministry efforts.


Join a house church

We have broken our house church network down into five regions. No matter where you live, there's a house church near you!

We'd love to help you get connected with a house church. They're a bit hard to fully grasp and understand until you try one out for yourself. So be sure to click on the link below to send us your information and start the process of getting involved with a house church!

Go on Mission

There are many ways to get involved in missions right here in the Greater Dayton area and around the world. We would love to help you get there but first help us get to know you! Please fill out the form below and our Going staff will be in contact with you to help you take the next step.


God made the world and gave us skills, abilities, and gifts to use for Him and others in it. We have created a list of opportunities for you to serve throughout the life and ministry of the church at Apex: where we’re gathering together to celebrate God, growing together in Jesus through authentic community and going together into the world. You’ll find what the opportunity is, where it takes place, and who to contact.