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Kettering Update: Feb 18, 2018

On Sunday, February 18 at our Kettering gathering the chairman of our elders, Dustin Knoedler, gave an update on Kettering Preaching Lead Search. Listen to his update below.

Xenia Update: Feb 23, 2018

The Xenia Search Team has opened the search for a second round of applicants, after examining 75 applicants in our first round. So far they have received 76 new applicants, from those we have sent 14 questionnaires, received six questionnaires and have started scheduling initial interviews with the most promising candidates.

Kettering Team:

Xenia Team:

Elders: Chris Cardiff, Dustin Knoedler, & Mark Withers
Staff: Jesse Bowers
HC Network: Joan Eilers

Elders: Clem Boyd, Jay Buinicky, & Jay Jackson
Staff: Jenny Weller & Jay Jackson
HC Network: Sarah Craig, Aaron Dell, & Ryan Ruff


If you have questions regarding our search process, please feel free contact us below.