Chris Cardiff, Apex's Staff Team Lead and Region 4 Elder, took some time during our weekend gatherings to update the body on our current preaching rotation schedule and the overall direction of Apex. Below is a summary of that announcement:

To ensure the Elders were having timely discussions and moving forward, they have been meeting on a bi-weekly basis since January rather than the usual monthly schedule. In addition to the Elders meeting on a bi-weekly basis, a team of Apex Elders and Staff at the beginning of 2016 have been praying and considering the mission and vision for Apex. The Elders felt that while Apex has seen many positive outcomes in the different organizations, programs, ministries and events we promote, they were sensing the need to ask some fundamental questions of who we are as a church and what we feel God is calling us to be. During these past few months as the Elders were praying and trying to decide the preaching plan for Apex in the new year, it became clear that first we needed to finalize the vision for Apex moving forward, which would then inform the path we should take for the preaching plan. The Elders are excited to share that discussions regarding Apex’s mission, vision, and strategy moving forward have been fruitful and there has been evidence that God is at work. The Elders will have the long-term answer for the preaching ministry when we roll out the mission, vision, and strategy in the coming months. Prior to rolling this out, the Elders will meet with the house church shepherds and share the mission, vision and strategy with them.

We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward with finalizing the mission, vision and strategy. Please know the Elders and Staff covet your prayers as we continue to seek the Lord for wisdom in next steps for Apex. To hear the entire update, click the button below.