There is a lot of behind the scenes work here during the week. We have a variety of places in the life of Apex staff that help make sure we’re serving and supporting our gatherings, house churches, and those on mission in the Greater Dayton area and to the nations. The following are opportunities that help us accomplish this.

Behind the Scenes Project Help

Apex has bigger projects requiring extra hands. When we do, we welcome others to help. This might include stuffing folders for an event or putting together gifts for Mother's Day. 

When: Occasional times throughout the year. From 30 minutes to a few hours. 


Administrative Team

The Administrative Team serves Apex to make sure our policies are always up to date, safe and accountable by law. This is a team whose love for the church is expressed by helping make specific decisions that are best for Apex and in good standing. Serving on the Administrative Team requires a high level of consistency and commitment. 

When: Notified upon approval.



Every year at the end of January, we send out Contribution Statements. This is an important task to help serve others getting their finances ready at the beginning of the year. When you help, you’re helping us fill envelopes and ready them for the mail.

When: Few hours at the end of January.



Throughout the year, there are opportunities to help our admin staff with filing a variety of documents. Keeping our files organized helps them stay easily accessible. This helps keep things running smoothly throughout the year.

When: When available.


Kettering: Facilities

The facilities staff keeps everything clean and operational in and around the building. They frequently need help with painting, cleaning, and sometimes need help from people with carpentry, electric or plumbing skills. 

When: As needed for special projects. 


Kettering: Data Entry

Throughout the year, volunteers help keep our database honest and accurate. Keeping accurate information helps our leadership make decisions that are informed and honest with up-to-date data. 

When: Time commitment varies. 


Kettering: Money Counting

Money Counters help count our weekly collection. Counting happens with and under the supervision of a staff member. As Apex seeks to be a good steward of what is given, there is a high level of liability and accountability for those who help count. 

When: Weekly, 2-3 hours.


Kettering: IT Team

IT Team volunteers help staff with technology needs and advice. They provide assistance with putting into practice best uses of technology. This helps our staff and other volunteers accomplish tasks effectively. This role requires advanced knowledge and skills in this area. 

When: When available.


Xenia: Cleaning Team

Keeping our Xenia space clean is important. It’s part of the behind the scenes work we do to care for the space and serve those attending the gatherings on the weekends. 

When: 30-60 minutes once a month. 


Kettering: Phones/Desk

Serve in the Apex office by keeping the weekly activities running smoothly. Volunteers make sure phone calls get directed to the right people and can help with smaller projects in and around the office.  

When: From 9am to 5pm when needed. Often asked when staff member is on vacation or has offsite meetings.