Weekend Schedule Update

On the evening of Saturday, January 21 a family meeting was held at our Kettering campus. During this time, the elders shared two key things:

  1. They need to pause their decision to eliminate our Saturday evening gatherings. 
  2. They need to ask forgiveness from the Apex body for some missteps in the process.

Chris Cardiff, an elder and the Staff Team Lead, stood before the body to share the following. 

"We want you to know that we don't make decisions lightly. The fact that we are delaying (this decision) by hitting the pause button on the process is a function of a couple things. 

First, the elders are human and therefore not perfect. This isn't said by way of an excuse; but a recognition of just how much we need the Spirit. 

Second, while we followed our process for this decision, we recognized that a couple of things weren't executed properly in this case. The biggest being that we didn't come to the flock and ask for your input. Once we started getting feedback, both verbally and in written form, the Elders realized that we needed to pause on this decision.

None of that negates the fact that we are apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Please continue to pray for us as we are completely sold out to hearing from the Spirit. We are also, as evidenced by delaying our decision, listening to you. Our desire is to shepherd this flock well which is the primary function of an elder.

What we are trying to clearly communicate is that we are not, at this time, reversing our decision, but are continuing to listen. Therefore, we are not setting a date at this time for making this decision. We are saying that we will NOT be dropping the Saturday gatherings beginning February 18." 

Although the decision is being paused for the moment, the reasons our elders were considering the Saturday night cancellation are many, but can be summarized as follows: 

  • Vision - Since the beginning of 2016, our staff and elders have been praying and considering the vision for Apex. Multiplication has increasingly become a value of ours. We sense the Lord leading us to multiply at all levels (disciples, house churches, gatherings) which includes the multiplication of gatherings in new locations in Dayton, rather than the addition of gatherings at our current locations.
  • Attendance - If you attend our Saturday gatherings, you probably have noticed that our numbers have been steadily decreasing over the past four years (if you’re interested in the specific attendance numbers, click here:     

The original purpose for starting the Saturday gathering was to help meet the need for additional seating. However, since we launched the Xenia site in 2011, we haven’t had a need for additional seats in Kettering. But, as the Saturday night attendance continued to decrease, some of the Elders and Staff have been considering this switch over the past three years. When our church family walked through the difficulties of the past seven months, we expected our Saturday numbers to significantly decrease even more. While they haven’t gone down as much as we anticipated, they have gone down a bit. Accordingly, the Elders are considering that now may be the time to make the change. We do challenge the Body to please consider helping by volunteering with Family Ministry, Frontline, our Tech Team team who ensure our Saturday gatherings are possible. It takes over 100 volunteers a month to cover all ministry areas. If you’d like to serve in either of these areas, please contact us: 

  • Sense of Family - Now more than ever, we think it’s important that we’re worshipping together as one family, and not stretching our family too thin. We have felt the effects on our volunteer base, as well as our overall family dynamic of the congregation so we want to be proactive and protective of our volunteers’ time. By having both gatherings on the same day, our entire church family can worship together and be with each other on the weekends.

We know that communication is key in all of this so we will keep you informed while seeking the Lord in this entire matter. Please pray for the elders. As we've gone through this last year together we have been reminded that we do nothing apart from the Vine. Please lift us up in prayer often as we do you.

We love you all dearly and desire for God to be glorified in everything we do.
Please email us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about volunteering once a month during our Saturday evening gatherings.