Join us as we begin a new sermon series, 1 Peter: Living as Exiles, on October 1-2 at Apex Kettering and October 9 at Apex Xenia.

In the first century, Christianity had become an unwelcome guest within the Greco-Roman world. God's people found themselves experiencing increasing forms of persecution. Hostility against Christians was rising, and the toleration of Christian beliefs was falling. Those who had come to follow Christ were learning to live as outcasts, sojourners, and strangers within their own culture.  

It doesn't take long to see that our 21st century is becoming increasingly similar. The question is: Does God have anything to say to His people when they find themselves in this situation? In the letter of 1 Peter, God answers with a resounding "YES!" Join us as we see what God has to say about living as modern-day exiles.