How God Used Our Team in Uganda


For Such A Time As This

This trip was slightly different, in that we were able to follow-up from a team that was in Ofua the week prior to us. While we didn't work in the same areas of the camp, we were bolstered by many workers from the local church who were recently trained and were willing to go out into the harvest. Working in two camps (Ofua 1 and Ofua 3), the team also came across many fellow Brothers and Sisters from South Sudan who were displaced because of the internal war on-going in their country. We heard their story of survival and migration, many of which were heart-breaking. We heard the despair in their voices as they said things such as, "I feel as though God has forgotten me." Through sharing stories and time, not only were they reminded that God hadn't forgotten them, but we were also encouraged by their ability to rebound and pick up the gospel and the willingness to go and share with others.

  • Jaime was able to share with a woman and her daughter. They were already Christians, but were not able to read and write - their eyes lit up when they were trained to share the gospel using the Bridge and drawing in the dirt. They were eager to go and share with their neighbors.

  • David C listened to the story of a mom giving birth as she crossed into Uganda, after another traveler with her took those chasing them away from her. 

  • Tim found a woman who was the second wife of a member of the local Anglican church. Tim explained the gospel to her, and she accepted Jesus - we now pray that the Spirit will provide her wisdom and guidance in her situation.

  • Lacey was used mightily in praying over individuals in the camp. Jane was walking after 20 years of not being able to walk. She was also encouraged by the joy and peace she encountered with the Brothers and Sisters in the camp.

  • Steve was able to share the gospel with Francis, listen to his questions, and guided him to answers from God's Word. Francis encountered Jesus in that moment and is now a Brother-in-Christ.

  • Ethan bonded with the local believers, and was both encouraged by their boldness and able to work with them to help other believers develop their relationship maps. 

  • Victoria met with Margaret throughout the week, They laughed together, shared their stories, prayed together and helped to train others. 

  • Sarah was able to sit under a tree and share the gospel as conversations were happening in 4 languages - God is so good. Individuals spoke in English, Arabic, Bari, and Nuer as training and love was shared.

  • David H found an older woman who was blind and wasn't able to get to church. Around the corner of her hut, he found another woman with children that was praying over them throughout the day - and though she wasn't able to read, she was a great story teller. David connected the two of them and also challenged "the church" to go to the older woman since she couldn't get to "the building".

  • Amanda not only trained many in the camp, but she also trained a man who was on his way back to Yei. She challenged him to train others once he got back to his home.

  • Sandy bonded with Betty, who had been disowned by her mom. Though there were years of difference in their ages, the love of Christ bonded the two of them together.


Beautiful Feet

We were blessed to be used by God, as His vessels, as His feet this week. Along with our 50 Brothers and Sisters co-workers within the camp:

  • 116 non-believers were presented with the Good News

  • 55 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior 

  • Many other Brothers and Sisters were found throughout the camp. During the week, the team was able to train 197 people to share the gospel using the Bridge. In addition, many were taught how to develop their own relationship map in order to go and share the good news

  • 32 groups were formed throughout the week, and 200 people joined the groups to start discipleship

  • Tears were shed as we left on Thursday, but we know that God is sovereign and in control. We were also highly encouraged in the leadership of Pastors Anthony, Duncan, and Patrick - and their willingness to follow up on the new believers and the newly formed groups.

We ask for your prayers as we all re-enter into life here in the US, and for those that we have left behind (with a part of our hearts) in Ofua.