Apex Xenia: Communication Update

As you may have heard, we were excited to announce that the Apex Elders felt lead by the Lord to begin to work to transition Apex Xenia from a regional gathering to an independent, self-sustaining, church-family.

The Xenia elders are currently working with the rest of Apex Leadership to develop a formal transition plan. One of the major transitions will be in the area communication. 

It’s been exciting to see Xenia grow over the past several years and develop their own voice and online presence. This includes apexxenia.org, the Xenia Newsletter, and Apex Xenia Facebook Group.

If you consider yourself an Apex Xenia Attendee, we would encourage you to visit apexxenia.org, sign-up for the Xenia Newsletter, and join Xenia’s Facebook Group. Network-wide and all Xenia-specific communication will now be through these avenues.

In order to foster clearer communication, this Network Newsletter, our current apexcommunity.org website, and the “@apexcommunity” social media accounts will now contain network-wide and Kettering-specific information only. If you have any questions, contact media@apexcommunity.org.