Dad Finds A Fun Way To Teach His Son

I saw a video of my good pal, Michael Meyers, who has written a post for this blog in the past. In it he is rehearsing the song The Atonement Q &A by Shai Linne with his son, Jonathon. He told me he was just singing it as he was tucking Jonathan in one night. It became a song frequently requested by the young boy and eventually he learned parts of it himself. The song’s lyrical content is a question and answer flow. This here is what is called “catechism” and Mike has discovered a great way of getting these great truths into his son. Does Jonathan understand all of this? Not likely. But he’s been given a language for one day when these concepts will be solidified in his mind and heart. Kudos, Dad.

The lyrics to the part in the video:

Who is God? God is the universe’s Creator

And Sustainer plus the only Savior, there is no one greater

He triune, holy, omnipotent, omniscient, absolute

Loving, sovereign and righteous are a few of His attributes

How do we know this? Well, we know this from the Bible

Where God has revealed Himself- anything else is just an idol

What’s the Bible about? Man’s complete ruin in sin

And what God has done in Christ to bring us to Him again

What is sin? Sin is the breaking of God’s law

Plus our condition, which means from birth we all got flaws

What’s the result? The result is by nature we’re God’s enemies

And must pay the penalty unless God provides the remedy

What the remedy? The remedy is the cross of Christ

Where He suffered all the strikes for the lawless type

I’ve been rescued by the Lamb, I’m convinced that He’s risen

And blessed is the man whose sins are forgiven!

Just fall back, and with the eyes of faith

Behold the beauty of surprising grace

Because the Lamb has died, third day He had to rise

He’s magnified- God’s wrath is satisfied


Full song below.