At Home Review: Take Up Your Cross

Mondays (I know…I’m late. :) ) on the Apex Parents Blog we recap the previous weekend’s lesson taught in the 45K hall and KidLife. This is a way for parents to reinforce the lesson and keep the conversation going during the week. This is one way we seek to connect the church and the home.

For more in depth discussion: The book we use is The Gospel Story Bible. The devotional book for the New Testament section of the GSB is Old Story New.

Summary:  Take Up Your Cross (Matthew 16:16-28; Mark 8:27-38; Luke 9:18-27)

As Jesus walked with his disciples, he asked them a question: “Who do the crowds say that I am?”. John the Baptist? Elijah? Random O.T. Prophet whose back from the dead? But Jesus noted his main point with another question: “Who do you say that I am?”

The disciples knew Christ’s true identity as the Son of God (He even praised Peter for pointing that out), yet Jesus asked the disciples not tell anyone this truth about Him. At this point Jesus told His disciples what was going to happen: He was going to die. Religious leaders would turn against Him and develop a plan to have him killed. Peter didn’t like this and pulled Jesus aside saying they would never happen to Him. Jesus rebuked Peter, calling Him a “stumbling block” in the way of what God wants Him to do.

As a crowd began to gather around Jesus and the disciples, he turned to the crown and said, “If anyone wants to follow me, he must take up his cross every day and live for me, not for himself. Whoever loves the world more than me will lose his life. But whoever gives up loving the world for me will be saved. What good is it to have the whole world if you lose your life and never go to heaven to be with God?”

Ask Your Kids: 

1. What do others (your friends, neighbors, even me) say who Jesus is?

2. Who is Jesus to you? What makes Him the Son of God?

3. How did Jesus know he had to die? Why did Peter get so upset about this?

4. What does “taking up your cross” look like? What about “loving the world”?

5. Then, how can you “take up your cross” and not “love the world”?

The Gospel:

When Jesus predicted His own death, he is noting the  very core of the Gospel. He will die, lie there for 3 days , then rise again. Since Jesus gave up everything He had (Remember, He left the awesomeness and glory of Heaven to come live with us as well as the losing the life He had when coming to be with us), We must be willing to do the same. This cross, and the work done on it, is our saving grace. There is no other way. Period. When you do try find salvation through our owns ways, we will fail. We cannot save ourselves. Christ is the ONLY way to experience salvation. By taking up our cross, we are willing to say we are giving up our own (and everyone else’s) ways to say that God’s way is the best way. Since He saved me, I will do all that I can to live in Him.