Quotes About Fathers And Fatherhood

With Father’s Day coming up, below are some quotes about fathers and fatherhood to get dads thinking about the importance of their role in the lives of their children.

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” - George Herbert

“It has been said that as goes the family, so goes the world. It can also be said that as goes the father, so goes the family.” - Voddie Baucham

“What are fathers called to? Fathers give. Fathers protect. Fathers bestow. Fathers yearn and long for the good of their children. Fathers delight. Fathers sacrifice. Fathers are jovial and open-handed. Fathers create abundance, and if lean times come they take the leanest portion themselves and create a sense of gratitude and abundance for the rest. Fathers love birthdays and Christmas because it provides them with yet another excuse to give some more to the kids.” - Douglas Wilson

“…all human fatherhood should be patterned on the divine fatherhood. The overarching guide for every father should be to live in such a way that his children can see what God the Father is like…The task of every human father is to be for his children an image the Father in heaven.” - John Piper

“Some woman’s destiny for life will hang upon you, and the happiness of a family, perhaps a numerous one; and then upon their conduct will depend, by an onward succession, the destiny of others to descend from them. You will thus commence a dark, or a bright lineage of human existence, which will run onward through all future generations, and be still going forward when the last trumpet shall sound. Misery or bliss, at the distance of centuries, or to opposite ends of the earth, may be traced back to you.” - John Angell James