Mondays on the Apex Parents Blog we recap the previous weekend’s lesson taught in the 45K hall and KidLife. This is a way for parents to reinforce the lesson and keep the conversation going during the week. This is one way we seek to connect the church and the home.

For more in depth discussion: The book we use is The Gospel Story Bible. The devotional book for the New Testament section of the GSB is Old Story New.


Summary:  The Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:31-46)

  Jesus told many stories to help the people understand what the kingdom of God is like.

In one story, Jesus talks about a man who finds a treasure hidden in a field. The treasure, of course, would rightfully belong to whoever owned the field. The man buried the treasure and went to see if he could buy the field. In order to buy it he sold everything he had, and now the field, and more importantly the treasure, was now his.

Another story is of a businessman who was looking for fine pearls. Finally he found one that was extremely valuable, so he sold everything he had to buy it.


Ask Your Kids: 

1. Why did Jesus tell stories (or parables)?

2. In the stories, what did the treasure and the pearl represent?

3. What did the men do when they found the treasure and pearl?


The Gospel:

We know from the bible that we cannot do anything to earn God’s grace or to be saved (Eph 2:8-9), but that doesn’t mean salvation is cheap. In fact it’s very costly. The men in the story sold everything they had to get the treasure they desired. It was the most important thing to them, worth giving up everything. In the same way, Jesus is to be more important than anything else in our lives. Everything else should seem worthless in comparison. (Phil 3:8). A relationship with God through Jesus is the great pearl, the great treasure.

In The Jesus Storybook Bible1, this story closes saying:

God had a treasure, too, of course. A treasure that was lost, long, long ago. What was God’s treasure, his most important thing, the thing God loved best in all the world? 

God’s treasure was his children. It is why Jesus had come into the world. The find God’s treasure. And pay the price to win them back. And Jesus would do it — even if it cost him everything he had.


 1 Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible (Zonderkidz 2007) 255.