At Home Review: The Four Soils

Mondays on the Apex Parents Blog we recap the previous weekend’s lesson taught in the 45K hall and KidLife. This is a way for parents to reinforce the lesson and keep the conversation going during the week. This is one way we seek to connect the church and the home.


For more in depth discussion: The book we use is The Gospel Story Bible. The devotional book for the New Testament section of the GSB is Old Story New.


Summary:  The Four Soils (Matthew 13:1-23)


Jesus once told a story about someone who was scattering handfuls of seeds to plant crops. Some seeds fell on the path where they were eaten by birds. Some seeds fell on rocky soil and the sprouts withered away because their roots had no soil to grow in. Some seeds fell where there was enough soil, but thorny weeds grew around them and choked them. Some seeds fell on good soil and produced a great harvest.

Jesus explained to his disciples that the seeds represent God's word and the different types of soil represent four types of people. The birds represent Satan who snatches away the word from some people. The rocky soil is like people who hear the word but the troubles of life distract them from growing in God. The soil with thorny weeds is like someone who hears God's word but are so busy chasing after money and the things of this world that there's not room of God's word in their life. The good soil is one who hears the word and understands it and follows after God.




Ask Your Kids: 

1. What do the seeds represent?

2. What are the four types of soil?

3. What do the soils represent?




The Gospel:

In this parable, Jesus is talking about how different people react to the gospel. When we realize that it's about Jesus making us a part of his kingdom and not us making Jesus a part of "our kingdom", we will produce much fruit. Only he can remove our rocks and thorns and make us understand our need for him and the joy of his kingdom.