Apex Kids @ Home: The Great Commission

Hey Families!
We believe that discipleship in the home is such a prominent teaching throughout the Scriptures and the family is central in passing along the faith. Parents are called to impress the hearts of their children with the love for God. This begins with family worship – talking as a family about God and His Word.
This guide is to help do just that. Let me introduce the Apex Kids @ Home: A Lesson Preview This guide provides a simple outline and discussion points for NEXT WEEK’S lesson for 45&K and KidLife (1st-5th grade). Parents, we would like you to be the first to engage your kids in teaching and hearing God’s Word. At Apex, we want to equip with the necessary tools to begin or continue these discussions at home.
For more in depth discussion: The book we use is The Gospel Story Bible. The devotional book for the New Testament section of the GSB is Old Story New.

Apex Kids @ Home

January 23-24, 2016

"The Great Commission"

Read Together

Matthew 28:11-20 or Story 120 in The Gospel Story Bible

Talk Together

What is a "Commission? (An instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of people)

Who was Jesus meeting with? (His followers)

How can others, "...believe and become my disciples too"? (We, "Go and tell people from every nation."; Jesus came & defeated sin and gives eternal life for those who believe)

Pray Together

Pray that God would give you the courage to spread the message of the Gospel to everyone.

Kid’s Catechism

Q.2. What else did God make?

A. God made all things.