Apex Kids @ Home: Good Friday & Easter Sunday

March 25-27, 2016

"Good Friday & Easter Sunday"

Read Together

John 18-20 or Story 113-117 in The Gospel Story Bible

Talk Together

What is Good Friday? (This is the day we remember when Jesus died on the cross.)

Why is it "Good"? (Though the origin of the name is debated, the term "good" is still appropriate as even in Christ's death, the ultimate price was paid for our sin: death. Our atonement is paid in full. Even better, the joy of Easter is coming!)

What is Easter Sunday? (It is the day we celebrate Christ's resurrection. Not only did He pay for our sins on the cross, He made it possible for death not to punish us anymore. He defeated it by coming alive after three days in the tomb.)

Why dies this matter? (God sent His son to do this because He loves us. Though we disobeyed Him in the Garden, He has never stopped loving us. He gave us a promise long ago to Abraham and here, on Easter, we remember that He fulfilled it and will never-ever stop loving us!)

Pray Together

Read John 3:16 together, then praise God for those very words!

Kid’s Catechism

Q.11. Can God do all things?

A. Yes; God can do all His holy will.