Apex Kids @ Home: Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

September 10-11, 2016

*Keep Your Eyes on The Prize*

Read Together:

Acts 16:16-40; Philippians 3 or Story 147 in The Gospel Story Bible

Talk Together:

How did the chains come off Paul and Silas? (Earthquake sent by God.)

How did their guard react? Why? (He was scared and wanted to kill himself. Because, he knew that he would be in big trouble if they escaped and likely no one would believe what happened.)

Paul said that compared to Christ everything else is garbage. What are some things that we might be valuing too much here on Earth?

Pray Together:

Pray that the Holy Spirit would open our eyes to the things that we value too much here on Earth. Pray that we would look to Jesus and keep our eyes on the prize of heaven with
Him. Pray that we would forget “what lies behind and strain forward.”