Apex Kids @ Home: Paul in Chains

May 21st-22nd, 2016

"Paul in Chains"

Read Together

Acts 21-28 or Stories 139 in The Gospel Story Bible

Talk Together

Why were people warning Paul that he shouldn't go to Jerusalem? (Jerusalem was a dangerous place for Christians. With a Roman rule and unbelieving Jews, any Christian's life would be in danger if they visited there.)

Did Paul go to Jerusalem anyway? (Yes he did. He knew that God wanted him to deliver the offerings to the poor and to share the Gospel with all he encountered.)

Did Paul's arrest stop the spread of the Gospel? (Absolutely not! Even with Paul in chains, he was able to speak to many people about the goodness of Christ's Gospel and many came to know Christ as their Savior!)

Pray Together

Praise God and worship Him through a singing. Pick a favorite hymn or song and sing together as a family.

Kid’s Catechism

Q.19. What was Adam bound to do by the covenant of works?

A. To obey God perfectly.