Apex Kids @ Home: The Death of Stephen

March 5-6, 2016

"The Death of Stephen"

Read Together

Acts 6-7 or Story 127 in The Gospel Story Bible

Talk Together

Who is Stephen? (A faithful man who believed in God and had the Holy Spirit. He was chosen to go care out and care for the widows.)

Why was Stephen arrested? (He was doing signs and wonders among the people. The priests thought this was blasphemous to do such things in God's name.)

What did Stephen tell the religious leaders of Israel? (He retold them Israelite history; their history of how they failed to obey God. These people needed the promise of the "Righteous One", but they choose to kill Jesus when He came.)

What happened to Stephen? (He was stoned for his faith. However, through this, the Gospel of Jesus began to spread and many people began to believe.)

Pray Together

Pray that God will give you the confidence to always stand up for Him!

Kid’s Catechism

Q.8. What is the Trinity?

A. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.