Apex Kids @ Home: The Lame Beggar Walks

Apex Kids @ Home

February 20-21, 2016

"The Lame Beggar Walks"

Read Together

Acts 3:1-4:22 or Story 125 in The Gospel Story Bible

Talk Together

Who was the crippled man? What was he doing? (A man who couldn't walk since he was born. He was brought to the temple gate everyday to beg for money from those who went inside the temple)

What happened when Peter and John talked to the beggar? (They couldn't offer any money, but they offered something much greater: They called in the name of Jesus for the man to get up and walk, and he did. He walked, leaped, and even danced all the way through the temple praising God)

What did the people think when they saw him? What did Peter tell the crowd? (They were amazed & in awe; If they repented from their sins, they would be forgiven & blotted out like they never existed. Then the Lord's presence would be with them forever)

Pray Together

Ask God to help you believe like the crippled man & rejoice like He did!

Kid’s Catechism

Q.6. Are there more gods than one?

A. There is only one God.