At Home Review: The Wise and Foolish Builders

Mondays on the Apex Parents Blog we recap the previous weekend’s lesson taught in the 45K hall and KidLife. This is a way for parents to reinforce the lesson and keep the conversation going during the week. This is one way we seek to connect the church and the home.


For more in depth discussion: The book we use is The Gospel Story Bible. The devotional book for the New Testament section of the GSB is Old Story New.


Summary:  The Wise and Foolish Builders (Matthew 7:15-27)


Jesus finished his time of teaching on the mountain by using word pictures to help people understand and remember what he said. One of those word pictures was about two builders. One built his house on the sand, which in the summer months in Galilee would seem hard enough on the surface to support a building. But when floods and wind would come, the house would be washed away and destroyed. Jesus said this is what a man who does not obey his teaching is like.

The other built his house on the rock. He would dig under the surface to set his house on the hard rock, and when the floods and winds would come his house would survive. Jesus said this is what a man who does obey his teaching is like.




Ask Your Kids: 

1. What is the difference between the two builders?

2. What happened to each house when the floods came?

3. What is the lesson that Jesus is teaching in this story?




The Gospel:

Just as it was wise for the builder to build upon the rock, it is wise for us to obey Jesus. Obeying Jesus is not just about looking good on the surface, it's also about what's inside of us (our thoughts, attitudes). Building on the rock for us means that Jesus is the most important thing in our lives. Only he was able to perfectly obey the Father, but through our trust in him, we have a firm foundation. Through our trust in him and his salvation can we obey his teaching.