At Home Review: Treasure in Heaven

Mondays on the Apex Parents Blog we recap the previous weekend’s lesson taught in the 45K hall and KidLife. This is a way for parents to reinforce the lesson and keep the conversation going during the week. This is one way we seek to connect the church and the home.


For more in depth discussion:
The book we use is The Gospel Story Bible.
The devotional book for the New Testament
section of the GSB is Old Story New.


Summary:  Treasure in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-5:34)


Jesus continued to talk to people about the kingdom of God. He told them to not think so much about having treasure in this life (since it can rust and be destroyed), but rather live in such a way that builds treasure in heaven. This doesn't mean we can work our way into heaven, but what we do out of love for Jesus will be rewarded. Now, money isn't bad by itself, yet Jesus warned about loving money too much. It can make us not trust God or depend on Him and we might try to solve all our problems with money. He said, "Just as a servant can have only one master, you can serve either God or money, but not both."

He had the people think about how God takes care of the birds and how He dresses the flowers. "Aren't you more important to God than they are? He knows just what you need. Make God's kingdom the thing you focus on and let Him take care of the rest."




Ask Your Kids: 

1. What kind of treasure does Jesus tell us to care about?

2. Why is it not good to like money too much?
3. What does Jesus teach us that we need to care most about?




The Gospel:

Food and clothing are things that we need, but we have an even bigger need. Our biggest need is a friendship with God. But our sins keep us from that friendship. The good news is that God made a way to remove our sins so we could have friendship with Him. He forgave us of our sins because Jesus died on the cross in our place. This is how we know that God loves us so much.