Philippians 3:17-4:1


Speaker: Jason Wing
Text: Phil 3:17-4.1
Date: April 25th and 26th, 2015
Theme: Philippians


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recap: teaching points and scripture


The earthly conduct of a heavenly citizen includes:
1. WATCHING actively for Christ-like examples (vs 17)
2. WAITING expectantly for Christ’s return (vs 20)
3. WALKING differently than Christ’s enemies (vs 18-19)

respond: discussion and action points

For conversation and prayer:
1. The encouragement we receive from seeing the lives of other believers is oftentimes unmatched by the good things we can have like sermons, music, quiet times, etc. Life with other believers then is the best way to be encouraged by the lives of other believers. Paul tells the church to “keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example…” (v17).

  • What can happen if we lose sight of other believers by looking at ourselves or the world?
  • Tell a story of when the life of another believer- living or dead- encouraged you to follow Jesus.

2. We live in a world where there is not yet consensus on who Jesus is. This was the case even when Jesus walked the world. There will come a day when “every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord” (2:11), till then, we remember that there are “enemies of the cross of Christ.” (v18) Paul says he can’t even speak of them without crying (v18a).

  • Why do you think Paul calls them enemies of the “cross of Christ” rather than simply “enemies of Christ”?
  • The word enemy can seem harsh. But Paul tells us he weeps for those who stand opposed to the Gospel and God’s work through Jesus. How can we develop a similar heart for those who are opposed to the gospel?

3. Paul reminds us we’re not merely those who wander the earth. We are citizens of heaven, “and from it we await a Savior…who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body.” (vs20-21).

  • Why is it important to remember both truths that we’re citizens of God’s dwelling and that Jesus is going to not eject us to heaven, but will transform our bodies like his?
  • What does it mean that He is going to bring God’s dwelling here, to our bodies?

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