Philippians 3:4-11


Speaker: Jason Wing
Text: Phil 3:1-3
Date: March 21st & 22nd, 2015
Theme: Philippians


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recap: teaching points and scripture

BIG IDEA: For the Christian, Knowing Christ is the one thing better than anything.

Those who know Christ...
1. have thrown out their own religious resume (vs 7-8)
2. have received God’s gift of righteousness (vs 9)
3. want to share in the powerful and painful parts of Christ’s life (vs10-11)

Questions: Do you experience the power and pains of Christ
1. Do you experience the power and the pains of Christ’s life?
2. What would you write on your religious resume?
3. Have you accepted the gift of Christ’s righteousness through faith?

respond: discussion and action points 

For conversation and prayer:

1. In the west, we’re obsessed with accomplishments. Most of our system of value is centered on “what have you done?” While it is important to live in a way that positively affects the world, we overextend this to say, “You’re not anybody until you’ve done something.” Paul says something similar in v3-6 when he establishes his list of accomplishments. For his time, it was both extensive and impressive.

  • If you had to show someone why you had confidence, what accomplishments would you mention? In verse 7, Paul turns the script in on itself. He says that whatever he has, done, or is, it’s all loss compared to Jesus.
  • Take the listen you mentioned a moment ago. Or, take the frustration of not having one. How is Jesus better than the pride of our accomplishments or the frustration of not having any?

2. Paul says something startling in this text. He says knowing Jesus is better than anything. More than that, knowing Jesus has surpassing worth. Think about what has value and worth in your life. Consider Jesus. Paul puts forth something the entire Scriptures talk of: either Jesus is the maker, and therefore a bigger deal, of everything, or he’s a nobody. There is no in between. To know the Jesus of the Bible is to know the One who is more valuable, beautiful, faithful, and worthy of our attention than anything or anyone.

  • What is difficult about this text?
  • What is helpful and joyous about this text?
  • How can we enjoy the things and people God’s given us in such a way that it shows others these things don’t have ultimate value, but knowing Jesus does?

3. Where have you placed your confidence on a day to day basis? Is it in your resume or in Jesus?