Good Friday 2015


Speaker: Rob Turner
Text: Romans 5:6-11
Date: April 3rd, 2015
Theme: Good Friday


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recap: teaching points and scripture


Why do we need the crucified Christ?

  • We’re weak (v6a)
  • We’re ungodly (v6b)
  • We’re sinners (v8)
  • We’re enemies (v10a)

How does the cross meet our tragic condition?
The Cross displays:

  • The beautiful irrationality of God’s love (vs7-8).
  • The elimination of our treason against God (v9).
  •  The radically new relationship with God (v10-11). 

Recommended Resources

  • The Cross of Christ by John Stott
  • The Reason for God by Tim Keller
  • 50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die by John Piper

respond: discussion and action points

For conversation and prayer:
1.  When we consider the cross, we not only consider who Jesus is, we consider ourselves. We learn about our condition, state, and issues. There are many places- good and bad- we learn from. The place we see with the most clarity is from the cross.

  • In Romans 5:6-11, what does the cross say about us?
  • What do these phrases mean? How do you see them playing out in your life and in the world around you? 

2. The theologian John Stott said, “God’s love is not the outcome of the cross, but the initiator of the cross.” While we see our condition by looking at the cross, we also see how God has responded to that condition. At the cross we see the character of God on display. There are many things we see: His holiness, wrath, sovereignty, wisdom, etc. But the character attribute God puts on display at the cross is His love. It is a love that not only reveals our condition, but deals with both the presence and problems of our condition. 

  • What happens to the cross if we forget it happened because of God’s love?
  • What happens to God’s love if we forget the cross, where God’s holiness and justice were satisfied? 

3. It’s been said that the gospels are passion narratives with long introductions. Namely, the momentum of the gospels is unquestionably focused on the sacrificial death and unjust murder of Jesus of Nazareth. Many things happen in the gospels, but they’re all part of and are seen most clearly when we look at Jesus’ death. His life was a cruciform life- it was shaped by the cross. As we try to live our lives shaped by the coming kingdom, they must also be cruciform.

  • What does it mean for us today to have lives shaped by the