Palm Sunday 2015


Speaker: Jason Wing
Text: Luke 19: 28-46
Date: March 28th& 29th, 2015
Theme: Palm Sunday


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recap: teaching points and scripture


3 Ways Jesus Came to Jerusalem:
1. He came in HUMILITY on a donkey: (vs 35-40)
2. He came in COMPASSION: (vs 41-44)
3. He came bringing CLEANSING to the temple: (vs45-46)

respond: discussion and action points

For conversation and prayer: Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. 7 Days
within the church’s calendar when we reflect on the final week of Jesus’ ministry on earth. That sentence alone is reason for pause: Jesus’ final week of ministry. When you think about Jesus and all He did what comes to mind first? What stories, miracles, sayings, etc come up for you?

The first day of holy week is Palm Sunday when we recognize Jesus’ entrance into the city of Jerusalem. This wasn’t merely Jesus walking in and hearing “hi” a few times.
Most, if not all, of the city came out to greet him. They laid palm branches and their cloaks on the street as he rode in on a donkey. This meant they saw him as their king, their Messiah. But the story continues….

  • What ways does our culture get excited about Jesus, yet deny Him as true King?
  • What were different ways you thought about Jesus before seeing Him as truly King?

2. Jesus weeps as he enters. It’s not quite the emotion you’d expect from someone being given exaltation, honor, and recognition. But He weeps for His people. He sees their condition and how it is pleasant on the surface, but they are far from aware of what’s true.

  • When we consider the condition of our world: family, neighbors, neighborhoods, governments, etc, we feel a lot of emotion. Do you weep for the things sin has broken?

What emotions do you tend to feel?

  • How does it challenge popular consensus about Jesus that even though He received recognition (something we’d all like), He still wept for those who praised him?

3. As we move further into Palm Sunday, how will you continue to reflect on this unique week in history?