Hebrews 1:5-14


Speaker: Jeff Thompson
Text: Heb 1: 5-14
Date: June 13-14th, 2015
Theme: Hebrews


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BIG IDEA: The Lordship of Jesus is revealed throughout all reality.

1. The Sonship of Christ is revealed in His authority over angels.
2. The Supremacy of Christ is revealed through the authority of His Inspired Word.
3. The Sovereignty of Christ is revealed through His authority over all creation.
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For conversation and prayer:
1. If you can’t tell yet, Jesus is soaked through every word of Scripture- specifically this first chapter of Hebrews. The author is intentionally making it impossible for us to think about anything without thinking about Jesus. Whether it’s the heavenly realm, the revealed Word of God, or an aspect of creation, we are thrust into the beauty, complexity, and wonder of the Son of God.
- What aspects of Christ’s Lordship- Sonship, Supremacy, and Sovereignty- do you need to believe right now?
- Which of these aspects are a great encouragement to you? Tell a story about when either of these aspects encouraged, confronted, and helped you.
2. It’s nearly impossible to have a thriving relationship with Jesus without at some time wrestling with one of these truths. They’re big, weighty, and often times difficult to get our heads- and hearts- around. But, when we think about them and allow them to become good news to us, we begin to live out lives out of these truths.
- What does it look like to believe that Jesus’ Sonship is good news?
- What about His Supremacy?
- Why is the sovereignty of Christ good news for us?
3. As we finish chapter 1 of Hebrews, the message is clear: Jesus is Lord of all. Without this truth even considered can we move forward throughout this letter with honesty and integrity. The Lordship of Jesus is one of the most precious truths of the Gospel. If He isn’t Lord, reigning over all, then He isn’t our Savior, who brings us into life with God the way it ought to be.
- How would you talk with a nonbeliever about the good news of Jesus’ Lordship?

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