Hebrews 2:10-18


Speaker: Jason Wing
Text: Heb 2:10-18
Date: July 4th- 5th, 2015
Theme: Hebrews


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BIG IDEA: Why did Jesus become human enough to suffer and die?
Because it made Him:
1. Perfect for the task of saving his family. (vs. 10- 11)
2. Victorious in the task of defeating his enemy. (vs. 14-15).
3. Merciful in the task of becoming our high priest. (vs17-18).


For conversation and prayer:
1. The incarnation of Jesus is an indispensable doctrine of the Christian faith. This text captures a wide angle on what all was accomplished in Jesus’ incarnation. Namely, it not only meant that he could suffer, but it meant that he would suffer (v10). This is one of the things that make the Gospel unique. Christ is the founder of Christianity, not because he tells humans how to avoid suffering, but because He willingly suffered as a human. The suffering of Christ shows us that God is not ignorant or absent from our suffering. Rather, he’s entirely aware of what it is like.
- Why is it encouraging for us to know that the “found of our salvation” suffered like us as he suffered for us?
- How can this encourage others who don’t believe the gospel?
2. Jesus’ victory in his death is unlike anything in history. Throughout time, those who sought to claim victory over death thought they should wield it against others, or thought they could escape it. Jesus is victorious over death- and the one who has power of death- not by wielding it like a sword, but by coming under the sword of death. The author says Jesus destroyed the devil through death, and thus delivers us from fear of death.
- What are reasons we fear death?
- How can we look at the death of Jesus and be reminded that death, though an enemy, does not have victory?
3. The author ends by seeing Jesus as our ‘high priest’. Throughout the story of Scripture, priests were human representatives for God’s people. The problem was that because they needed forgiveness of sin. Jesus, tempted in every way as we are, never sinned. Jesus is our faithful high priest who suffered and was tempted, so he can help us when we’re tempted.

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