Hebrews 3:7-19


Speaker: Jason Wing
Text: Heb 3:7-19
Date: July 18th- 19th, 2015
Theme: Hebrews


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BIG IDEA: We don’t persevere in faith in order to be saved. We persevere in faith because we have been saved.
4 means God uses to keep us persevering in the faith:
1. His spoke & written word (vs7-9).
2. The examples of biblical history (vs7-9).
3. The exhortations from church family (vs13).
4. His warnings to guard our hearts (v12).


For conversation and prayer:
1. The God who saves us is the same God who keeps us. There’s confusion within the church that those God saves can repeal, reject, or refute His salvation. The word ‘salvation’ in Scripture isn’t about an instantaneous moment at the beginning of the Christian life; it is the whole Christian life from conversion to growth to glorification. If someone “leave the faith” the Bible says “they were never among us.” (1 Jhn 2:19). So, why do we read in Hebrews 3 many exhortations for believers? If we’re kept by God, why do we need exhorting? Because that’s how God keeps us.
- Read verse 12-14 and consider what the author is saying. What’s the focus of these verses and why are they fundamental to our growth?

2. As the hymn says, our hearts are prone to wander. This text speaks a lot about the heart. Our western culture has taken a very passive and optimistic view of the heart. We’re told to “follow our heart”, assuming it is good and worth listening to for guidance. But what do we read about in v8 and v12? Our hearts are incredibly wayward.
- Why are we told to “not harden your hearts...” and “take care, lest there be in any of you an unbelieving heart...” instead of being told what to do with our behavior?

3. One of the main ways God keeps us is His truth (or word) embodied in community. Verses 12 and 13 talk about the believers’ growth, but show the necessity of the believing family for our growth.
- What does the author say in verses 12-13 that show us how essential community is to our growth?
- What is so hard about community and letting others into not only our daily lives, but our private lives as well?
- Why do we need community to be involved in every aspect of our lives?

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