Hebrews 4:1-13


Speaker: Rob Turner
Text: Heb 4:1-13
Date: July 25th- 26th, 2015
Theme: Hebrews


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BIG IDEA: Resting in God’s hands is more important than resting your body.
1. The seriousness of rest (vs1; 3b; 11)
2. The different layers of rest (vs2-10) 3. The gauntlet of rest (vs 11-13)
4. The source of rest (vs8; 14)


For conversation and prayer:
1. Rest is a difficult concept in our western framework. We’ve promoted ‘work’ to the heights of importance, which has created an expectation of over working, over thinking, over planning, and over expecting. Is this the way we were created to be though? In God’s economy, we see how work is a gift, but in our sin we take gifts and make them gods. Another gift God has given us is rest. As we’ve highlighted work, we’ve relegated rest. Yet, Scripture highlights rest more than work in almost every area. We have a hard time resting. This has been the case for God’s people through the whole story.
- Why is it so hard for us to rest?
- What would happen if we transitioned ourselves from an attitude of “rest from work” to “work from rest”?
2. Rest is important; God uses it as a way to explain what life with Him is like. God’s people sought to enter into His rest, but through their disobedience and the hardening of their hearts, they didn’t enter into it. This rest is still available today. We’re told that when we enter into rest, we don’t stop displaying the character of God. Rather, “for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did his.” (v10).
- We often associate business as holiness. If we’re doing things, then God is happy. We believe we can only make God known if we’re doing something. How would our work-life balance change if we saw rest as a way we could make God’s character known?
3. We’re to strive to enter this rest. It sounds a bit counter- intuitive, but if we realize the difference between laziness and rest, we may see how importance striving is. Grace isn’t opposed to our effort, it’s opposed to earning. We don’t earn God’s rest, but we enter into it. By His grace, we can strive to enter His rest in the confidence we will enter it.

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