Hebrews 5:1-10


Speaker: Chad Osborne
Text: Heb 5:1-10
Date: Aug 8th & 9th, 2015
Theme: Hebrews


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BIG IDEA: Jesus is the Superior and Only High Priest Who Can Fulfill the Needs Of Sinners
Three Qualifications for High Priests:
1. A high priest is appointed by God.
2. A high priest identifies with the people
3. A high priest offers sacrifice for atonement
For every high priest chosen from among
men is appointed to act on behalf of men in relation to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins. (Hebrews 5:1 ESV)


For conversation and prayer:
1. It’s popular to consider Jesus as a helpful teacher or wise sage. The letter of Hebrews quickly cuts this down to show us a Jesus that we either need more oxygen, or not at all. One of the themes Hebrews draws out in our need for Jesus is the theme of him as our ‘priest’. Thus far, the author has shown us how Jesus is a sympathetic and faithful high priest. Here, the author shows us the fullness of Jesus’ priestly ministry. At the beginning, we’re reminded that like all high priests Jesus was appointed to help us relate to God. Like all high priests, he was appointed “among men”, highlighting his humanity. The theme of ‘priest’ is one of Scripture’s themes that draw together both Jesus’ humanity and deity in the same breath.
- Why is it important that Jesus was a high priest “chosen among men” like all the others?
- Look through this text at the ministry of a high priest. Why is it good news that Jesus is our high priest, and not just a moral teacher?
2. In verse 7 we’re told Jesus offered up prayers and supplications on our behalf, with tears. He had direct access to the Father, and was in complete intimacy with Him, and yet He pleaded with tears and supplications.
- Jesus had no issue in His relationship with the Father. It was never at stake, yet He prays in tears. Why? Consider that Jesus prayers in tears, on our behalf. He offered supplications for us.
3. We’re told in verse 9, Jesus is the source of eternal salvation because of His perfect. God isn’t arbitrary in his exclusivity of Jesus. It’s because there’s only One who is a perfect mediator.
- When you speak with others, in community and outside of it, about Jesus’ exclusivity, how can you help them see Jesus is the source for salvation because He is our high priest?

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