Colossians: Christ To The Center

When writing this letter to the Colossian church, the aim of the apostle Paul was to make much of Jesus - His centrality in all things, His supremacy over all creation, His sufficiency for daily living. Paul reminded them of their new identity as the family of Christ. They were truly a new humanity whose entire life was being transformed through the Christ who now lived in them through faith. The same is true today. Christ is still the supreme Lord of all. Belief in him changes everything. Come, experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ with us! 

Join us as we study through the book of Colossians and learn how to make Jesus the center of our lives. Press the button below for more information about weekend gathering times and locations.

Study Schedule

As we teach through the book of Colossians over the next several weeks, Professor Dixon has put together study schedule to follow along with either individually or with your House Church. We encourage you to join us each week as we study the text. Press the passage number below to read the scripture.


Teaching Team 

Given the recent changes in our Teaching Team, we want to make sure you are well informed and cared for. Here are the individuals who will be preaching our Colossians series over the next couple of months. Scott Dixon (Interim Teaching Team Lead & Associate Professor of Bible Education at Cedarville University), Chad Osborne (Growing Team Associate), Dustin Knoedler (Chairman of the Elders), Phil Wing (Gathering Team Lead), and JR Gilhooly (Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Theology at Cedarville University).