Elder Update: August 2018

  • Guest Presentation: John Buedel reviewed communication needs and available resources to start implementing for The Network.

  • Kettering Preaching Team Lead Search: Slingshot has begun the process of examining potential candidates to send to the Kettering Search Team.

  • Xenia Preaching Team Lead Search: Xenia Search Team and elders finalizing candidate recommendation.

  • Apex Family Meeting: The Elders discussed the purpose and details of a Family Meeting and are aiming for early an October date. They wanted to have the meeting in September, but there were too many events and did not want to do it over the summer with the potential of several members being away or out of town.

  • Administrative Team Report: Year to date giving is 8.3% below budget but controlled spending gives us a positive cash flow.

  • 2019 Budget: Admin Team will begin to prepare the 2019 Budget. Staff to begin submitting budget recommendations.

Elder Update: July 2018

  • Governance Document: The Governance Document Team presented the first read of high-level changes to Apex’s Governance Document to the elders.

  • Admin Team Update: Giving continues to be about 8.5% below the 2018 budget, but finances are still holding steady due to staff doing a great job of adjusting spending to help us reach our year-to-date commitments.

  • Region 4 Elder Interview: Last month the elders interviewed a potential new elder and his wife for Region 4 and are continuing to review the Elder Application for this individual.

  • Kettering Preaching Search: The Kettering Search Team & the elders met with Slingshot (the pastoral search firm mentioned last month) on July 12 and are currently working together to search for the Kettering Teaching Team Lead.

  • Xenia Preaching Search: The Xenia Preaching Search Team announced their first potential candidate took another position elsewhere. On July 24 they had the staff meet with another candidate and his wife. The staff and elders also plan to meet with another candidate and his wife in early August.

  • Family Meeting: The Elders discussed having another Family Meeting with the network, which was approved, but no specific date set. They would like to schedule it in September.

  • Elder Training Course: Elders Dustin Knoedler (Region 4) and Jon Rarick (Region 3) are going to begin coordinating an elder training course.

Elder Update: June 2018

  • Region 4 Elder Interview: Region 4 has presented a potential new Elder to the Board for consideration. The Elders met with this individual and his wife and hope to finalize this decision at July's Elder meeting.
  • Kettering Preaching Search: The elders are using a pastor search firm called Slingshot to assist in the search for the Kettering Preaching Team Lead.
  • Xenia Preaching Search: Currently Apex Xenia is considering their top candidate for Preaching Team Lead.
  • Admin Team Update: Year-to-date, we are currently 8% under the giving needed to meet our 2018 budget, but finances are holding steady due to staff doing a great job of adjusting discretionary spending to help us reach our year-to-date commitments.
  • Governance Documents: Apex's Governance Document outlines how the church operates. Since it was last updated in 2009, an Elder-led sub-committee is working to ensure this document cleanly aligns with all aspects of our redefined Mission and Vision statement. The team anticipates that the first round of recommended changes will be presented to the Elders this summer.

Elder Update: May 2018

  • Admin Team Report: We are at about 6% under budget, but our spending decreases have allowed us to stay above budget overall.
  • Kettering Preaching Lead Search: The Kettering Search Team is planning on re-opening the search and will be using Slingshot (a pastoral search firm) to assist in the process.
  • Xenia Preaching Lead Search: Xenia has a top candidate that they are considering.
  • Next Sermon Series: Genesis: 10 Scenes That Show Us Jesus.
  • Care Training: Clearcreek Chapel or ABCB might be able to provide biblical counseling training for the Apex staff. The Elders are in favor of doing it but need to research costs.

Elder Update: April 2018

  • A Region 4 house church member, who is also a member of the Missions Team, is being considered as a new elder.

  • The Admin Team reported that, since their last update, giving has moved from 16% to 10% under the current 2018 budget.

  • Since last month, the Xenia Team has narrowed down their large number of preaching lead candidates to a select group of individuals.

  • The Elders are in prayer and discussion after reviewing the references of the current Kettering preaching lead candidate.

You can always find the latest updates on the Preaching Lead Search at apexcommunity.org/preaching-lead-search

Elder Update: March 2018

1. The Elders approved the next sermon series presented by the Teaching Team that will begin after Easter.

2. The Elders are still in prayer and discussion over the current Kettering preaching candidate. They are still waiting to hear from two references. The next step will be setting up a Skype conversation to discuss what comes from those references.

3. Apex Xenia has had a large number of new preaching applicants after they reopened their preaching lead search and are currently looking into two viable candidates.

You can always find the latest updates on the Preaching Lead Search at apexcommunity.org/preaching-lead-search

4. The Admin Team reported that giving is about 16% under the current 2018 budget.

Elder Update: February 2018

Below is an overview of the February 2018 Elder Meeting:


What was discussed?

1) The Kettering Search Team has completed its process of vetting external candidates. Two external candidates were presented to the elder team. The elders will now vet both the internal and external candidates for the position. 

2)  All regions have received their allocations available for each
region to use for missional activities.  Please see your regional
elder for specifics.

3)  You also received an update on volunteer needs included in a
communication with your 2017 giving statement.  Please let Apex
leadership know how you can help out in any of these areas.

Elder Update: September 2017

The Elder Meeting for September 2017, began with a  time of prayer for the body of Apex. After, the following was covered:

  • Elders are spending a sizable amount of time working on developing the 2018 budget. Due to a decrease in attendance and giving, the Elders are prayerfully considering how they can tighten up the budget.
  • The Elders decided to start the process to hire a Preaching Team Lead for Kettering and a Preaching Team Lead for Xenia. The two search committees—one for Kettering and one for Xenia—are being created and will be finalized in the coming weeks. The goal is to begin vetting the candidates in early October. 

Elder Update: May 2017

The Elder Meeting on May 1, 2017, began with a sweet time of prayer for the body of Apex. After, the following was covered: 


What was discussed?

1. Operation Christmas Child - After surveying the house church leaders, and considering the financial commitment, the Family Ministry team requested that the Elders approve a goal of 5,000 Special Access boxes.

2. Strategic Initiatives - The Elders continued to review and discuss several strategic initiatives that have been proposed for the accomplishment of the disciple-making mission and vision. Three strategic initiatives were focused on:

  1. Disciple-making strategy - a team of Staff and Elders have proposed a disciple-making strategy called Discipleship Pathways that allows any individual, at any stage of following Jesus, to enter into intentional disciple-making relationships. 
  2. Local ministry partnerships - some of the Staff have proposed that we create a way to formally partner with like-minded local churches in order to effectively reach the lost and make disciples in the Greater Dayton area.
  3. Regional reorganization - many of the Staff have proposed that we reorganize the way we divide the Greater Dayton area. The 5 regions that we currently have established are hard to understand and are not organized in a way that helps measure the fruit of effective disciple-making in the Greater Dayton area. 

3. Purpose of the Gathering - The Elders continued to discuss several issues pertaining to the weekend gatherings. The main question is, “How do the gatherings help accomplish the disciple-making mission that God has given Apex?” 

4. Sermon Series - The Elders discussed potential sermon series for the summer months of July and August.


What was decided?

1. The Elders approved that we set a goal of 5,000 OCC Special Access boxes. 

2. The Elders approved the 3 strategic initiatives: disciple-making strategy, local ministry partnerships, and regional reorganization.
Note: There are some elements of the disciple-making strategy that are still to be reviewed and approved by the Elders before being presented to the Apex body. But the majority of the proposal has been approved for implementation.

3. The Elders have decided on key parameters to help guide the decision on what type of person/s should be preaching/speaking in gatherings. These parameters or guidelines will be further outlined and finalized at the next Elder meeting and then shared with the body.

4. The Elders approved that July’s sermon series will be focused on Proverbs, and that August’s sermon series will be focused on prayer. 

Elder Update: April 2017

Below is an overview of the April 17, 2017 Elder Meeting:


What was discussed?

  • How to better equip and disciple—one of the initiatives of the new mission and vision that will be rolling out in the coming months.

  • How the current Learning Community is working. The Learning Community is a group of house church shepherds that meet regularly to be trained to better disciple their house church. This process will also be part of the mission and vision launch coming up.

  • The update that needs to be shared with the Apex body regarding next steps.

  • The current preaching rotation.

  • Feedback on Easter.

What was decided?

  • After 3 years of faithful service to Apex, the Elders affirmed Jesse Jackson’s desire to transition out of eldership.

  • The Elders will continue the current preaching rotation at this time.

  • The Elders recommit to more fervent prayer on next steps for the preaching plan.