Thank you for Registering!


We are writing to confirm your registration for the Immersion at Apex Kettering April 6-7, 2018. Here are a few house-keeping details, which have also been emailed to you.

Please plan on attending the full weekend of the immersion as every aspect is important. Some choose to leave and not participate in the 6-month plans, but we urge you to no do so in order that we can dive into coaching through those 6-month plans as soon as possible. See weekend schedule below.

Please park on the north end of the building and enter through the double doors by the Missions Cafe. Signage will point your way to registration.

We will be in the upstairs classrooms like the last immersion. Registration will be at the top of stairwell #7. Notes and materials will be provided. Please bring your own pen and past notes, too, if you desire.

Childcare is completely handled by our childcare team. Please do not need to check your children into KidLife on Sunday Morning.

Regular coffee breaks will be hosted in Upstairs Conference Room #227.

Gatherings will be taking place as normal on Sunday mornings. Just like last immersion, we ask you remain upstairs during these times.

Weekend Schedule

Saturday, April 6

  • 8:30……Registration/Morning Refreshments

  • 9:00……Devotional and Music

  • 9:30……Welcome and Review

  • 10:00….Social Space #1

  • 11:00….Coffee Break

  • 11:20….Teaching Input #1

  • 12:00….Lunch

  • 1:00……Huddle #1

  • 2:00……Social Space #2

  • 3:30……Coffee Break

  • 4:00……Q&A

  • 5:00……Dismiss Dinner on your own

Sunday, April 7

  • 8:30…..Morning Refreshments

  • 9:00……Welcome, Music, Devotional

  • 9:30……Teaching Input #2

  • 10:30….Coffee Break

  • 10:50….Huddle

  • 12:00….Lunch

  • 1:00……Teaching Input #3

  • 2:00……Social Space #3

  • 2:30……Coffee Break

  • 2:40……Social Space: 6-Month Plans

  • 4:00……Report Out

  • 4:30……Take-Away, Leave-Behind; Closing Ministry

  • 5:00……Dismiss

Additional Information


We encourage that each HC bring at least a 3-person team that includes a shepherd and their spouse (if they are not already co-shepherding) and at least one other shepherd or shepherd-in training. It's important to bring a future shepherd or two as multiplication is seeded into the very process of the Equipping Community. Spouses of all participants are highly encouraged to participate in the Equipping Community Immersions.

If you commit, we ask for your full participation in the whole weekend: all day Saturday and all day Sunday.


Childcare is provided at Apex for children ages 12 and under on a first-come, first served basis. This childcare will be provided for all day Saturday and Sunday. It will be separate from Family Ministries Sunday morning during the gathering.


Saturday evening dinner will be on your own. We previously planned on having everyone over to Mike and Sally’s home. However, Mike and Sally plan on inviting the house churches to their home after they have finished visiting each house church.


If you would like to donate specifically to the Equipping Community, in order to help our community continue to provide resources and host events to equip and empower our House Church Shepherds, press the button below.


Email Content from immersions and registration information can be found at www.apex The password should have been emailed to you.

We can't wait to see you in person! God is going to do some AMAZING things!