Facility Usage Policy

Apex Community Church (Apex) facilities are provided through the benevolence of God and by the sacrificial generosity of church members and attenders. Apex desires that its facilities and equipment (facilities) be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and to bring glory to God. Although the facilities are not generally open to the public, we make our facilities available to approved members and non-members as a witness to our faith, in a spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice.   

Facility use, however, will not be permitted to individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or engaging in practices (purposes) that contradict or are deemed inconsistent with Scriptural principles of Apex’s: Statement of Faith, religious practices and other moral teachings (moral values).

This restricted facility use policy is necessary for two important reasons:

  1. Apex cannot in good conscience materially cooperate in purposes that are contrary to Apex’s moral values.  Allowing Apex facilities to be used for purposes contradicting the moral values of Apex could be deemed as cooperating with that contradicting purpose. If Apex actively or passively engages in contradicting purposes, Apex would be in serious violation of its own moral values. (2 Corinthians 6:14; 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22).
  2. Apex requires its members and staff conscientiously present a consistent message to the community and maintain that message as part of their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Allowing facilities to be used by individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) whose purposes are contradicting Apex’s moral values could have a negative, if not severe impact on the message of Jesus Christ. Additionally such allowances, whether by active or passive engagement, of Apex facilities may cause confusion and possibly scandal to Apex and its affiliates.

Therefore, in no circumstance shall individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) with purposes contradicting Apex’s moral values use Apex facilities. 

Because Apex believes all of its facilities are holy and set apart to worship and serve God this policy applies to all Apex facilities (Colossians 3:17).

The Apex Administration Team or their designee (Apex Designee) will be the final decision-maker concerning use of Apex facilities.

Approved Users and Priority of Use

Generally, priority for the use of facilities shall be given to Apex: sponsored activities, sanctioned events and Apex members. If facilities are not previously committed for Apex-related functions, Apex facilities may be made available to non-members or outside individual(s)/group(s)/function(s).

  1. Affirm that purposes for use are consistent with the Apex's moral values. 
  2. Agree to abide by Apex's moral values during use of the facilities.
  3. Submit a signed "Apex Facility Reservation Request and Agreement" form. 
  4. Willingly take full responsibility and liability for the facilities during set up, when in use for their purposes, and during clean up.
  5. Pre-pay any applicable rental fee associated with facility use.

In addition to the above mentioned items, non-members or outside individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) must:

  1. Pre-pay any potentially refundable security deposit. See below for details.
  2. Pre-pay an indemnity/hold harmless insurance policy. See below for details.

Facility Use Hours

Facilities are generally available as needed.

Scheduling Events

Facility use requests shall be made to the Apex Designee by submitting the “Apex Facility Reservation Request and Agreement” form. The event will be reserved and placed on the Apex calendar only when the Apex Designee approves the use and verifies the requested facilities are available.


Use of Apex facilities by outside individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) is subject to:

  1. A potentially refundable security deposit of $250.00.
  2. Additional rental fees may be charged for specific facility use.
  3. An indemnity/hold harmless insurance policy.

Security deposit, rental fees and indemnity/hold harmless insurance policy must be paid at the time facility use is approved.

In keeping with fair market value, additional fees may be charged above the security deposit to individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) using Apex facilities if, at Apex’s sole discretion, the Apex Designee determines the use of Apex facilities by the individual(s)/group(s)/function(s):

  1. Clean-up was not determined to be satisfactory and/or
  2. Wear, tear or damage beyond reasonable use occurred by the individual(s)/group(s)/function(s).
  3. All decisions, in this regard, made by the Apex Designee are final.

Facility Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines are permanently in force at all Apex facilities:

  1. Moral Values: Apex's moral values are always in effect.
  2. Alcohol: Alcohol may not be sold, bought, served or consumed in Apex facilities or on property associated with such facilities. 
  3. Tobacco: Tobacco products may not be sold, bought, served or consumed in Apex facilities or on property associated with such facilities, except at designated areas if available at those facilities.
  4. Language: Abusive or foul language may not occur in Apex facilities or on property associated with such facilities. 
  5. Violence: Violent behavior may not occur in Apex facilities or on property associated with such facilities. 
  6. Illegal Drugs: Illegal drugs may not be sold, bought, served or consumed in Apex facilities or on property associated with such facilities.
  7. Sexual Conduct: Individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) cannot participate in sexual conduct, or other personal displays of affection inconsistent with Scripture or Apex's moral values in Apex facilities or on property associated with such facilities.
  8. Restricted Areas: Groups are restricted to only use those areas of the facility that the individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) has reserved. 
  9. Clean-up:
  • General clean-up is the responsibility of the individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) using the facility.  It is anticipated the facilities will be left in at least the same condition as the individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) found it.  An additional fee may be charged if clean-up is not judged to be satisfactory by the Apex Designee.
  • All Apex equipment must be returned to original placement and in the condition, if not better, than the condition it was received.  Any exceptions require approval, prior to the event, from the Apex Designee. 
  • All lights must be turned off and doors secured upon departure.

Failure to abide by the above standards may result in the immediate removal from the facility and property:

  • Individuals involved in the violations of the above listed policies,
  • Individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) using the facilities,
  • Forfeiting of any pre-paid fees
  • Assessed additional fees as outlines above and/or
  • Prohibit future use of facilities by individual(s)/group(s)/function(s).

Indemnity/Hold Apex Harmless Insurance Required for All Non-Apex Members or Non-Apex-Sponsored Events

Any non-Apex member or non-Apex-sponsored events using Apex facilities must obtain liability insurance coverage in the amount of at least one million dollar ($1,000,000).  Apex will arrange for this coverage for individual(s)/group(s)/function(s), but the individual(s)/group(s)/function(s) must sign a “Hold Apex Harmless Agreement”, pay the associated fee of the “Hold Apex Harmless Agreement, and provide proof of the “Hold Apex Harmless Agreement” prior to the event.

Unresolved Issues

Apex believes disputes are to be worked out between parties without recourse to the courts (Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Corinthians 6:1-8). Accordingly, users of the facility agree to resolution of any disputes through mutually-selected Christian mediation.