We all have stories. Like all stories, our lives have high points and our lives have low points.

But is life on earth just a billion different stories going on all at once without any meaning? Or is there something greater? When we come to know God through Jesus Christ, we find out that He is doing something greater than any of us could begin to imagine. We explore these questions and more in Foundations!


We are excited to inform you that the materials and lessons from our classes are being developed into house church studies as part of Apex Discipleship Pathways, one of the strategic initiatives within our renewed mission, vision and strategy. We hope these studies will free disciples and house church commmunities to engage with God's Word in a way that integrates into weekly discipleship rhythms instead of adding "one more thing to your plate." This doesn't mean that we won't offer these classes in the future, in fact, our goal is to continually develop new content, classes and resources. We hope these studies free your house church family to integrate God's word into everyday life and mission.