House churches are a really big deal here at Apex.

It's the best way we know how to encourage true discipleship, accountability, and spiritual growth through the teaching of God's Word, fellowship with other believers, and reaching out to the community around us.

We base our house churches around what we call the 'DNA'.

D is for Dynamic Truth
Teaching one another, through the Word and Spirit, the dynamic truth of scripture and challenging one another to be accountable and obedient to becoming more like Christ.

N is for Nurturing Relationships
Building strong, dependent relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ through close, personal accountability, prayer, and the many “one another” expressions of community mentioned in the New Testament.

A is for Apostolic Mission
Encouraging one another to live outwardly (together and as individuals), obeying the commands of Scripture and the prompting of the Spirit, to share the gospel and do good works to advance the kingdom of God.


We have broken our house church network down into five regions. No matter where you live, there's a house church near you!

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