House churches are our preferred way to encourage discipleship by living life together with other followers of Jesus.

It is our desire to be extended spiritual families on mission that are in close relationship with God, each other through shared teaching, fellowship, meals, and prayer as we listen to God’s voice for His direction in our lives and mission. Our house churches join together to share the good news of Jesus with our neighbors, surrounding communities, and the world. We base these Christ-centered communities around what we call the 'DNA':

D is for Dynamic Truth (UP)

Teaching one another, through the Word and Spirit, the dynamic truth of scripture and challenging one another to be accountable and obedient to becoming more like Christ.

N is for Nurturing Relationships (IN)

Building strong, dependent relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ through close, personal accountability, prayer, and the many “one another” expressions of community mentioned in the New Testament.

A is for Apostolic Mission (OUT)

Encouraging one another to live outwardly (together and as individuals), obeying the commands of Scripture and the prompting of the Spirit, to share the gospel and do good works to advance the kingdom of God.

Get Connected

We would love to help you get connected! If you would like to be a part of a house church, we have multiple opportunities, all around the Greater Dayton Area, meeting on different days and times. We will help you find one that works for you.

Why should I join a house church?

On Sundays, we love coming together as the Body of Christ and celebrating who Jesus is and what’s He’s done for us. Just as important is our time time in our house church communities.

House church is where we share life together on mission. These Christ-centered communities allow us to reach our neighbors to see God's Kingdom on display in tangible and everyday ways. Learn even more about house churches.

To hear a thorough explanation of why we practice both house church and gatherings, listen to the summer 2019 vision and mission series by our Teaching Team Lead, Mike Breen.


At Apex, we define and explain membership through these three parts: profession of faith, baptized as a believer, and being a part of a house church. We would love to talk with you more about any and all three areas.

House Church Network

We have broken our house church network down into five regions. No matter where you live, there's a house church near you!


Need more information?

If you need more information about house churches visit our frequently asked questions page or you can always contact our Growing Team at