Holy Week

Palm Sunday 2019

  1. (See John 10:10) What is a “thief” in your life that tends to rob you of your Joy?

  2. What is it that steals your desire to want to engage with God?

  3. Describe a time you’ve heard the voice of the Father encouraging you to “Keep your gloves up.”

  4. In John 10:10, Jesus says He has come that we might “have life and have it to the full.” What anticipation and expectations might people wrestle with or place upon God regarding this verse?

  5. Jesus identifies Himself as the Good Shepherd. What does He say about Himself in John 10: 11-15? What aspect of this speaks most deeply to your heart? Why?

  6. What does God’s voice sound like in your life?

  7. What specific areas in your life do you see God’s calling toward life in abundance? What else is God calling you to (and what are you doing about it?)