Luke and Acts - Week 1

  1. Re-read Luke Chapter 1, verses 1-23 and verses 57-80. As you are reading, remember the cultural belief in Zechariah’s day that if a couple were barren, they were looked upon as being under God’s curse. 

-In what ways does God “show up” in the midst of Zechariah’s & Elizabeth’s disappointment and burden?

- In what ways does Zechariah respond?

2. Luke 1 has a connection to another older couple in the Old Testament (Abraham & Sarah) in similar circumstances that God used. They were frail, broken instruments. Their time had seemed to pass.

  • To what extent do you feel your time has passed? Ie: a golden era or glory day you remember in the past and don’t expect to see in the future?

  • How does the following statement resonate with your own experience: “The doors of destiny often open on old hinges?”

  • What are some similarities between Abraham and Zechariah in God's calling on their life? What are some differences?

  • 3. In Luke 1:8-20, we learn of God’s message to Zechariah and his reaction -- perhaps tainted by years of disappointment giving way to disillusionment and disillusionment giving way to disbelief. 

  • Where do you find yourself living currently? Have any of your disappointments given way to disillusionment (you have a cynical view of what’s possible & impossible / you’ve heard it all before, etc.)? Share.

  • Where might your own heart be wrestling with disbelief? 

  • What is your next step towards healing and wholeness?

  • We see that the Lord doesn't leave Zechariah in his disbelief, but disciplines him. Thankfully, our fears and doubts do not hinder God's calling on our lives. However fear and doubt can delay and/or hinder how or when we're fully being used by God. Describe any promises or callings on your life ( individually and collectively t) that requires you to "step out" on faith or wait in faith, that you are struggling with.