Luke and Acts- Week 5

  1. Re-read today’s passage found in Luke 3:1-18, and note the motif of “fire” found in verse 9, 16 & 17. 

    a.) Where else do we find “fire” mentioned in Scripture? (Think of all the places in both Old & New Testaments). What was fire associated with, and what role did it play? Discuss

  2. “Fire can both attract and repulse.” Do you agree? Disagree? Explain.

  3. If God acts as a flame, and sin acts as a flame, what is the difference between the two? 

  4. What in your life needs consumed by the fire of God’s presence so that you can experience the light of His love?

  5. The Word of God came to John, and John became a voice of one crying out in the wilderness. Do you find yourself engaged with God’s Word, or do you simply echo what others say? What one step can you take today that will enable you to better hear from God? Share with another for accountability, and then do it.