The Seven Churches - The Church In Ephesus

1. This week’s sermon, we learned about the symptoms of a heart that has fallen from its first love.

a.) Which of these do you find yourself experiencing most when your heart becomes distracted?

  • Fallen (from a complete cycle of love) 1 John 4:10-12

  • Fear (in heart) 1 John 4:18

  • Frustration (in life) 1 Peter 5:5

  • Fracture (in relationships)

b.) What do you tend to turn to in your search to make those feelings go away?

2. The church of Ephesus had a primary role in the work of God in that region and their focus had become what they were committed to. What seemed to be their focus? What did God have to say about their focus?

3. What notions about how to love God do you feel can become a hindrance to us? What social/cultural norms or prejudices have you seen infiltrate your understanding of what it is like to love God well?

4. What is your first love, if you were being totally honest?

5. What does loving Jesus look like to you?

6. This week, we were challenged about our need to refocus and return to loving Jesus -- both individually and collectively. He explored the characteristics of the freedom and possibility of what it would be like if we let His love define our lives. Which of these spiritual blessings and places of freedom do you need to experience more freedom in?

  • Sensitivity (gentleness) -- the Spirit of God is far more sensitive than the spirit of humanity.

  • Service (graciousness) -- we don’t come to consume

  • Sacrifice (generous giving) -- as a principal behavior & activity of our lives

  • Surrender -- -- it’s the places that are most difficult to sacrifice that we see the greatest victory.