The Seven Churches - The Church in Laodicea

  1. This message concludes the 7 churches of Revelation. Take a moment and think through characteristics and warnings God gives regarding each church (Re-read Revelation chapters 2-3 if needed):

    a.) Which church do you identify with the most in your current season of life?

    b.) What seems to influence, hinder, or entrap you, and how can your house church come alongside you in your journey?

    c.) Take a moment to pray for one another.

  2. The church of Laodicea took on the identity of the self-reliant city in which they lived. What is it that tries to inform your own identity?

  3. “There’s a difference between Jesus being present in your life and Jesus being welcome in your life.” If “present” and “welcome” were on either end of a linear graph, where would you plot your current experience of intimacy with Jesus?

  4. “It’s your birthright as a believer to hear the voice of God in your life” (see John 10:4, 27). What tends to keep you from hearing His voice? [For example: unbelief that God speaks to you; fear that He may lead you in a direction you don’t want to go; distractions and obligations that demand your attention?]

  5. Are there areas of God’s Word you feel lukewarm about -- perhaps because you don’t see how it applies to life, or because you don’t understand it? If so, what?

  6. Read Revelation 3:18-20. According to these verses, what does God promise to do for us so we might enjoy His richness, purity, healing and/or protection? What is our responsibility?

  7. Is there a time in your life when your passion for the Lord was more vibrant?  What happened? How do you return?