The Seven Churches- The Church in Thyatira

  1. In this week’s message, we learn about the Church in Thyatira. What was the culture surrounding that church? What was that town known for? What were the ramifications and expectations for those living there regarding worship of patron pagan gods over each guild?

2. In Acts 16:13-15, we read about Lydia from Thyatira. According to verse 14, what was unique about her? How do you think her choices affected her life?

3. What does having a “Jezebel” spirit mean? Explain.

a.) What does tolerating a Jezebel spirit in your mind and heart look like?

b.) How can you better counter the “my way / my truth” ideology?

c.) How might the global church be falling victim to a “Jezebel” spirit?

    4. “Identity” as a child of God is the cornerstone of our life with Christ:

a.) How much does the idea of identity as God’s child inform your own day to day living?

b.) We’re often defined by our personality, our past, what others think about us, our successes, our fears, our failures, social media, our present circumstances, etc… Which of these tends to define your own life and identity the most?

c.) What are some verses and Biblical truth that reinforces the fact that you are a child of God?

5.  The church in Ephesus was reprimanded for losing her first love and being intolerant. The church in Thyatira was reprimanded for following a false love and being too tolerant. How can the church today find that “middle ground”? What would God want that to look like?