The Seven Churches- The Three Doors

  1. Meditate on the visual description of heaven in Rev 4:1-6 (also the visual descriptions of Jesus Christ in Rev 1:12-16), how does this inspire worship for you? What specific description stands out to you? What words of worship does the Holy Spirit bring to you? 

    2. How is the definition of a true worshipper in John 4:23-24 aligned with the display of worship in Rev 4:8, 11?

    a.) Were there any subtle differences of worship between the four living creatures made up of the masses to the 24 elders on God's throne?

    3. Rev 4:8 mentions the living creatures worship Him day and night. The idea of continuous worship, how can we apply such a concept in our daily lives?

    4. Rev 4:1 described an open door upwards to God, an invitation for a more intimate relationship/understanding of God. Has He given you such a door? What has He told you that you can share? Can it be applied towards the Apex congregation, is there an opportunity to go to another "dimension" in our group worship?

    5. Rev 3:20 described a closed door that Jesus stands at and knocks, waiting on us to invite Him in. What are some closed doors you are dealing with that is hindering you from operating in your true identity in Christ? What are some scriptural references to help you open the door and invite His Holy Spirit? (Hint Mike mentioned a few examples during his preaching, i.e. Gal 5:16 and 1 John 4:4).

    6. Rev 3:8 described an open door out, an invitation to an opportunity to do His work the best way He has for you. Do you recognize those opportunities where God wants to use you to expand His kingdom? What are some of these opportunities and how has God given you grace to explore each opportunity?