Vision: House Church to Temple

  1. In Acts 19:8-10, the Bible speaks of Paul boldly contending the gospel against unbelievers openly but also was able to withdraw and discuss deeper with disciples privately. 

  •  How are you contending for the gospel openly against mainstream lies that are threatening the salvation of unbelievers and/or the continued transformation process of believers?

  • How are you wrestling or digging deeper with the gospel to help in the discipleship of believers?

2. In Acts 4:32-37, the Bible speaks of the early Church being of one heart and one mind. They claimed nothing individually and surrender all to the Lord for the use by the Church. 

  • What are ways to get the Church at any or all levels (as a nation, state, city, Apex, house church, household, work groups, basically any group that chooses to be united under Christ.) To be more of one mind?

  • What are ways to grow in a heart of surrender? What are some fears that hinders you from surrendering?

3. In 2 Cor 12:7-9, Paul speaks of asking the Lord to relieve him of a "thorn in the flesh" but the Lord answers His grace is sufficient.

  • What are some thorns you are dealing with in your ministry? Do the stings of the thorns increase while you're actively engaging in ministry or when you are passive, or is  it the same no matter what you are doing? 

  • Have you identified the true thorns that you are dealing with and given it over to God? What did He say and how are you dealing with His response?

4. In Col 1:7, Paul is writing a letter to the Church in Colossae and mentions his disciple Epaphras and how he is devotedly ministering to that Church. 

  • What does your relationship between other house churches look like? Are you learning from one another?

  • How has the ministerial work in your house church helped another house church in their discipleship and growing process?

  • How has the ministerial work in your house church sent help to an external community to your house church?