Short story: We are here to further God's Kingdom and form a community of believers who can grow together.

Long Story: There is a lot that makes Apex tick and has shaped us into what we are today. Instead of writing a book for you to read, we would like you to come to our Welcome Reception so we can tell you about it in person.

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The building is not the church

We are a network of small churches that gather once a week to remember and demonstrate God's work together. These small churches are what we like to call "house churches" since they are in homes. They are where life and mission take place for us. We encourage everyone to be a part of one. 

Take the first step

We don't like to assume people know everything as soon as they walk through the doors. That's just silly. We recognize everyone is at different stage in their journey toward knowing God. This is why we break it down for you in our Foundations class. It's a 3 part class that gives you the basics on God, the story of the Bible, and life with Christ. 

Weekend Gatherings

We are a network of house churches that meet all throughout the week in the Greater Dayton Area. Then we come back together on the weekends to celebrate our Savior, Jesus. A usual weekend gathering will consist of teaching & music (1 Corinthians 14:26) as well as extra elements such as baptisms, missions highlights, & testimonies through our Anthologies ministry. We also take great joy in the responsibility of teaching the children and students that walk through our doors the joy of knowing Jesus, through our Family Ministry.

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