January: Anna Moorman

Anna Moorman and her husband, Eric, at BBBS Superheroes in Disguise night at the Dragon’s Field

Anna Moorman and her husband, Eric, at BBBS Superheroes in Disguise night at the Dragon’s Field

About Anna Moorman:

I studied Social Work, and I knew I wanted to help kids.  In 2010 I began working for Eastway Behavioral Healthcare and spent 4 years providing therapy at schools in Dayton and Trotwood.

 I really enjoyed helping kids deal with anger issues, grief over a parent’s death, depression, self-harm, etc.  What I didn’t like is that many of these kids had therapy “forced” on them.  Many weren’t willing to be open with me as we had a set hour in a confined office and I was taking notes. I was broken over the stories I heard and wished I could do more.  

This is part of what led me to Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I realized that what these kids needed was someone who could listen to them, guide them, AND provide time away from their home environments.  

Someone who could expose them to positive role models and healthy families.  Someone who could show them that there is far more out there than poverty, abuse, violence, mental illness and dysfunctional relationships—maybe even someone who could tangibly show them Jesus.  

I now spend my days matching “Littles” with “Bigs” and supervising these matches.  I train mentors of all ages and backgrounds.  I get to work with the Littles’ families and connect them with resources in the community.  I work a whole lot of hours…but for this season of life this is not only my job, but also my ministry!

Pray for Anna:

Apex can pray for me to be able to show Jesus to the Bigs, Littles, families, school staff members and coworkers in my life.  Non-profit life is stressful, and  I want to be able to exemplify joy in the midst of that.  I am quick to lack eternal perspective!  In addition, please pray for me to be bold in sharing my faith.  I hear so many stories from hurting people, and I know who the Healer is.  Often fear holds me back from sharing the Truth, so please pray that I can grow in that area.

Contact Anna:   If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at annafaithmoorman@gmail.com.

Message for Apex:

I cannot imagine how challenging my life would be if I didn’t know Christ.

 I also can’t imagine what it would be like to not have family, friends, a house church, an accountability partner, a mentor, and most significantly, a husband who all support me.  

All of this is due to God’s grace in my life.  Sadly there are many kids and adults that don’t have a fraction of the support that you and I have in our lives.  I challenge you to find at least one person you can pour into and mentor in 2017!